2 juin 2009

Souleance on Mondayjazz



Souleance is a new project of two old french wolves.
First is crazy producer, remixer and performer very
well known for Mondayjazz crowd - Fulgeance, also
met in projects like Peter Digital Orchestra or Connecticut.
You can also check his personal creative work in MJ mix No.86.
Second member of the duet is DJ Soulist with orientation towards
Disco, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop music, which he spreads by the help
of the Parisian events series What The Funk.

These series are started by the Soulist himself and have been
running over six years now.

These characters on May 26 released their debut EP Le Monde,
parts of which could already been heard on April 2
Gilles Peterson show on Radio One Extra (BBC).
This Monday such opportunity is given by the in MJ mix No.91,
named Pour le Plaisir.
Most of it's tracks is from the above mentioned EP.

Compilation shows duets musical influences and collaborative
areas very clearly. It fits together Soulist's spirituality and
samples from live instruments and depth of Fulgeance beats
plus geek attitude towards technology.

Result is really fresh sounding, combining newest tendencies
of Beats music and best urban music traditions. And artists able
of doing that is always missing.

by Rokas

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