22 sept. 2009

dod pop VOL1 feat Fulgeance's HARDI track

I just met that crazy SKWEE MUSIC crew from OSLO
Dod Pop records are spreading that good new music, No matter if
it's wonky or skwee or new hip hop, the fact is that, once again,
I found a cool beat familly who make it in the right sense* Check it out!!

They've just released the DOD POP VOL 1 with cool
beats from Melkeveien, Sprutbass, Beatbully and many more.
One of my tracks as exclusive feat on it / will upload it soon on myspace*

Thanks to Roberto, BIZ'Kriss "Markie", Bord on Board,
SprUUUTBass aka Joe Pantaliano
and all the others I forgot
for that cool time in OSLO */ You rock so keep on!!

Check DOD POP here & myspace

«dødpop vol. 1»
Melkeveien, Sadat X,
Fulgeance, Spartan Lover, Daniel Savio, V.C.,
Beatbully, Marcus Price, Niño,
Sprutbass, Twan,
Slow Hand Motëm and Hedmark.

Available at...



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