28 déc. 2009

LA MIXETTE vol 20 / FULGEANCE "Doux & Large"

First, Musique Large: Rekick, Dé & me (Fulgeance)
wish u the best Christmas, late but not least, and hope
2010 will be an amazing year for all of you, in music and in LIFE*

And because I hope 2010 won't be just beat music, new hip hop,electronic, wonky etc...
I wanted to give u here a special mix, with music, sounds, diferent mood, just to change,
because we are LARGE, DOUX( = Sweet), and we love music in all the ways.
I must say you that this days, I prefer to listen real instrumental music than
electronic music, dunno why, maybe I get old !! eheheh

All the best & a LARGE 2010 to all of u*
Cheers, and keep spreadin love with music.



Rekick, Débruit, Fulgeance...in love*

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