9 janv. 2010


LOW RIDERS is a bouncy collective from Rotterdam,
always suporttin bass music and new beats; startin with
excellent live shows, with guest liek Lunice, Hovatron,
me & Débruit, Kalbata
and more into excellent places
like RAW RYTHM Festival, or proper LOW RIDERS parties
@ WORM, a place that you have to visit if u go one day to

So today they start their own mixtape/interview series,
and first one is Coco Bryce, more know on Techno scene,
he has now made the switch over to the skweee and
hip hop territories. After releases on
Harmönia and Myor
(which was coined as one of our 2009 LOW RIDERS favorites)
and some new tunes coming up these months, he’s definitely someone
to keep an eye on. Check his last collab with 1000names too.


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