9 févr. 2010

LOW CLUB in JAPAN* Exclusive podcast with new Musique Large Forthcoming Release

I'm so excited and happy to go on my tour
tomorrow, so please Japanese People get set
for a huge "low club" session in Kanazawa @ Bum The Space,
with first BEATS&FACES exhibition, in Tokyo, with
Lo Vibes Records @ Mo'Fun, Heavy Sick Zero and more
in Kobe an Kyoto, so I'll keep u posted with more news and pics soon....

Now I wanna invite you to listen this podcast I did for
Cosmopolyphonic/Japan, here:

cosmopolyphonic x FULGEANCE - "LOW CLUB in JAPAN"
guest mix vol.10 (Playlist)

LOW CLUB in JAPAN for Cosmopolyphinc

01.Giorgio Moroder - Transformation Seduction (MCA)
02.Fulgeance - Glamoure (Musique Large)
03.Charles Trees - Mahjongg (Musique Large)
04.ContaineR - Turkish D (cdr)
05.Fulgeance - Slow Crunk (Musique Large)
06.Coco Bryce - Boesoek (cdr)
07.Mono/Poly - Beatles Bitch (Faces Records)
08.Kraddy - Android Porn (Fulgeance Remix) (Equinox)
09.Chris Latul - New Morning (Eye Records)
10.Nite Jewel - What Did He Say
11.Kenneth Knudson - Onde Age (Interlude) (Kong Paere)
12.Mythos - When The Show's Just Begun (Sky Records)
13.Bruce Ditmas - L'Unita (Wizard Records)
14.Architeq - Fox tails (Tirk Records)
15.Clause Four - Quite (Musique Large)
16.James Pants - Oceans (Stonesthrow)
17.Siriusmo - Wow (Modselektor Remix) (Grand Petrol)
18.Cecil Leuter - Glissandorama (Interlude) (Neuilly)
19.Slugabed - Quantum Leap (Planet Mオ)
20.Joker - Digidesign (Om Unit Remix) (cdr)
21.Marcello Giombini - Aries (Forever Records)
22.Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez - Clefs (Musique Large)
23.Moggi (Piero Umiliani) - Bric Brac (Omicron)


"LOW CLUB in JAPAN" Tour Schedule
2/12 BEATS & FACES @ BUM The Space (Kanazawa)
2/13 Mo'Fun @ Heavysick Zero (Nakano)
2/14 BEATS & FACES - @ LOOK Galley (Nakano)
2/19 DOCUMENT @ Whoopee's (Kyoto)
2/20 Extra! @ Kings Cross (Kobe)




with the LOW CLUB TOUR in L.A, San Francisco, Toronto,
Montreal & Quebec*

NEXT: LOW CLUB in L.A. with a special podcast on La Record.


Yabai !!

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