22 févr. 2010


...it looks like a mixette.
I have made a quick mix to promote the huge party of the March 4th.
Not the full Musique LArge team because Fulgeance will be playing at the same momment in Toronto with DamFunk ; but DÉBRUIT & me will be playing with FLYING LOTUS, NOSAJ THING & MARTYN.

The playlist
(some futur Musique Large release inside; Charles Tree, Claus Four & futur Fulgeance EP)
The xx - slands -nosaj thing rmx
Jimmy Edgar - Beat 26
Joker - Do it
Débruit - Pony
Rustie - Throw Some D’s (Click Clack)
Dorian Concept -Trilingual Dance Sexperience
Flying Lotus - Quakes
Fulgeance - Slow crunk (to come on ML007)
Débruit - Gros ( ML 005, Clé de Bras EP)
Nosaj Thing - FWD
Claus Four - Quite Dub Cutz (To come on ML 008)
Charles Tree - The Dream (To come on ML 006)

To our americans friends, be ready for the power of Baguette & vin rouge !
We also like saucisson & Pont l'Eveque (14 represent baby)


extra saucisson (Wim Delvoye )

Pont l'Eveque

See you in LA Belleviloise in PAris for this party with Machette Débruit.
Or see you in Cali or Canade to see Fulgeance !

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