1 mars 2010

LA MIXETTE VOL 27 / Coco Bryce "Je Maintienderai"

Yo there!!
LA MIXETTE is back*
Sorry for that delay, I was and still on a huge LOW CLUB Tour,
more news soon, but now we're sure that u had the
time to check all the older posts, and all the mixettes? right?
So here comes COCO BRYCE, great new producer from Breda,
with multiple influences, and supported too by our homies
from LOW RIDERS, where you could find a nice interview
of the man.

And he did a new MIXETTE for us, more than LARGE,



01.Dizz1 - Somewhat (Nod Navigators).
02.Bob Villain - Sun Spots (cdr).
03.Clause Four - Version #1 (D.C. Recordings).
04.Elan - Magnificent Mistakes (cdr).
05.Coco Bryce - Bit Crushing (Myor).
06.Rekordah - Butternut (Lo Fi Funk).
07.AK Kids - Klitzing (cdr).
08.Shlomo - Hot Boxing The Cockpit (Friends Of Friends).
09.Coco Bryce - Synth Supreme (cdr).
10.Pixelord - Fish Touch (cdr).
11.Tapes - Hackney Dub (Jahtari).
12.Loops Haunt - Joplin (Black Acre).
13.Nasty Nasty - Doperunner (cdr).
14.Niño - S.T.A.R.S. (cdr).
15.Boss Kite - Dotch Clogs (cdr).

LISTEN MORE Coco Bryce tracks here


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