8 mars 2010

LA MIXETTE VOL 28 / MIQI O "Tête de Beat"

Hey Waddup?
SO my LOW CLUB TOUR is finished...little bit sad..,
but there is so many good remembers coming back now, from
Japan; West Coast of USA & Canada. I wana thank all of you
who support the "Large" Music, host and invite artists all
around the world. Peace & Much Respect to all of you.

I hope I won't forget too many people, but big thanks to
Yosi Horikawa, KK, Broken Haze, Masato and the BUM THE SPACE
crew in Kanazawa, Alice Dufay for her tender love and beautiful art,
Mr Hara + INTO INFINITY & Creative Commons People, Daddy Kev,
Kutmah, RAS G, Nobody, Deru, Teebs, Dibiase, Devonwho, Shlohmo,
Noah Bennett aka Dials, Eric and Dany in L.A., Charles Trees & Bricks,
Guillaume Decouflet, Ghislain Poirier, E1000, Les Pique_nics Electroniques,
Gulf Stream, My Man Henry and all the cool crowds supporting me in this
crazy weeks!!

Much LOVE to all of you. Hope to see u soon !

SO after that long "THANKFUL" openning, time for you to get deeper in the
real east side of France, Besançon. Already described in the MIXETTE feat
HONEYMOOG, this beautiful city is almost more famous than Paris in USA,
you can't imagine...I was amazed!!
You know why? Because this crew aka Boogieboxxx, Funkdoubistes,
Retour du Boogie and more did a lot and continue to invite new artists,
fresh music, like Dorian Concept, 1000names, Heralds Of Change,
Hermutt Lobby, the Musique Large crew...and many more in
Besançon aka BESTOWN.

And here, MIQI O is the new protagonist, representing Honeyboxxx
and Boogieboxxx. MC and Producer in ELECTRONS LIBRES duet from
the same city, he cooked for us a "diggin' everywhere" mix, called with
his "french humour": TETE DE BEAT.
I let u see what it means by yourself!!

Anyway, get involved in this strong selecta, from one of my coolest homie,
and stay tuned to BESTOWN*


01 - Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Transition J
02 - Dragonfly - She Don't Care
03 - Dimlite - Feedback Children
04 - The Natural Yogurt Band - Space Echo
05 - Miqi O. - Funky Ish
06 - Débruit - K.O. Debout
07 - Special Ed - Won't Be Long
08 - Shafiq Husayn - No Moor
09 - Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Sahara Swing
10 - The Boston Tea Party - In Their Shoes
11 - Bullion - Say Goodbye To What
12 - Hell Preachers Inc. - Spy In Space
13 - Jahmiga - Whiskey Bar
14 - Professor Ojo - Streams
15 - Art - African Thing
16 - Johnny Pate - Truck Stop
17 - Zo aka La Chauve-souris - 7 Diamonds 4 Her
18 - Galt MacDermot - Stockyard
19 - Family - Summer '67
20 - John Lee Hooker - Water Boy
21 - Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Transition I
22 - Stevo - Untitled 1060
23 - Favorite Flava - Calling To You
24 - Miqi O. - Honeyboxxx Generation
25 - Baby Grandmothers - Opus 1, Ascending


Honeymoog, Picon Jeff & Miqi O

Miqi O Soundcloud

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