18 avr. 2010

LA MIXETTE vol 34 / POWELL "Miami Slap"

We are totally excited to invite this week one of the
Musique Large
Homie, signed on Up My Alley : POWELL.
Hudge hip hop, soulful or glitchy producer, I think you all know him well
for his crazy remixes, releases on Up My Alley "Beatnick" serie.
So Powell delivers here an excellent and fine boogie funky moody selection,
and like Rekick said it "perfect sunny morning mix to listen".

Inspired by that Miami connection, please take a seat or invite some
crazy bitches to you big flat with Champagne, and have a great time in your
pool with this MIAMI SLAP*
Ass! Tities...ASS and Tities !!! (this one is for you Cinnaman")



01 - Evasion - Wikka' Wrapp
02 - Advance - Take me to the top
03 - Dayton - The sound Of music
04 - Lillo Thomas- You're a good girl
05 - TC Curtic - You should have known better
06 - Melba Moore - Love me right
07 - Aaron broomfield - Don't cover up your feelings
08 - Change Heaven of my life
09 - The Limit - She's so divine
10- Vicky D - This beat is mine
11- Nick Straker Band - Turn me down
12- Curtis hairston - I want your lovin'
13- kadenza - Let's do it
14- Cutty - Naughty times
15- Attitude - Love me tonight



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