28 juin 2010

Jean Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket – Froots Juice

Legendary French electronic artist Jean Jacques Perrey
collaborated with Cosmic Pocket and released full-length album
Froots“, but now my post is about remixes of that particular album.
29 artists made their own reinterpretations of the inspiring
Jean Jacques Perrey & Cosmic PocketFroots” LP, representing
everything from Skweee to Collage via IDM, Wonky, Funk and many
unidentified genres.

All of those remixes will be released via Invitro Records

as digital download, double CD limited to 500 copies, 12″ vinyl featuring
Fulgeance, Eero Johanes, Wankers United, and Subjex. I didn’t find
any particular date of the release, but I guess “Froots Juice” should drop
between two weeks or so! I picked just a few remixes from Fulgeance and
Eero Johanes to share, but there’s much more great remixes from Slugabed,
Kelpe and others…

Jean Jacques Perrey - Frothy - Fulgeance VERSION by fulgeance

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