12 juil. 2010

Rekick supporting GONJASUFI

The too unfamous Rekick Label Boss from Musique Large
will open a huge nite in Paris tonite introducing Paul White & Gonjasufi.
The venue is Nouveau Casino, and to celebrate this nice event, he just did
an exclusive and special selection on Good Music Only blog*


Tracklisting :
01. Sumach
02. Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez “Chiure”
03. The Roots ” A Piece Of Light”
04. Pierro Piccioni “Capricio”
05. James Blake “Cmyk”
06. Fulgeance “Glamoure EP” Exclu !
Sortie octobre 2010 avec des remixes de Kelpe, Huess et Gablé.
07. Jneiro Jarel “Android Romance 1&2″
08. Claus Four “Yoghurt Revolution”
Exclu ! Sortie novembre 2010.

09. Mandre “M3000″
10. JImmy Edgar “Hot Raw Sex”
11. Grovesnor “Taxi” Débruit Remix
12. Barbara “Ce Matin Là”

More informations about that crazy party here

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