12 août 2010

NEW Fresh HUESS Ep "Broke"

Hi there, I hope you remember this great producer named Huess,
because at ML office & Bicoquet Street, his last Ep
I'd Rather Be The Hunter turns on loop mode*
Check out his new EP and the brilliant mixette he did months ago.
Big Up to Huess and Inaudible Answer, for support and good music


To celebrate the imminent release of Inaudible Answer's first ever 12" -
a Huess 4 track EP featuring stunning remixes from Fulgeance and Kelpe -
we're giving away another 4 tunes by Huess!

Just because they're free, it doesn't mean these tunes aren't completely
fresh and ready to find a place in your heart and in your playlist.

'Broke' takes a long-forgotten Alexander O'Neal track and cuts it with
arcade game electronics to create mutant 80s funk with nods to
Dâm Funk and Lone.

'Pinch Punch' has been doing the rounds in Huess live sets and
podcasts for the last few months. Melding disembodied android
vocals with kidney-wobbling bass and fingers being grated through
guitar strings, it sounds vaguely like ESG remixed by Paul White.

'Mistake Button' uses similar themes but with an easy summer vibe to
create a hip hop head nodder in the vein of extinguisher-era Prefuse 73.

The new tunes are wrapped up by '1-800 Wake Up', a mellow moment of
soul exploring Huess' deep love and respect for 70s soul as epitomised
by Barry White.

We hope you will enjoy these new tracks and feel free to share them.
The tracks will be available for FREE from
from 28 July 2010 and thereafter on Spotify.

Your support is greatly appreciated - without it new music will struggle to find a voice.

<a href="http://huess.bandcamp.com/album/broke-ep">Broke by Huess</a>

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