29 sept. 2010

RBMA Radio presents Fulgeance "Train Wreck" Mix

Fulgeance is a modern day master of the MPC, wrenching twisted funk and snapping
post-boombap from its pads. Like a lot of his peers, he took Detroit hip hop as a gateway
towards more electronic sounds, but he also has a deep understanding of decidedly
European strands of analogue electronics from Moroder to Bernard Fevre.
Plus, there's his penchant for live performance and showmanship that proves him
quite the opposite of a bedroom producer. Working not only as Fulgeance, but also
Souleance and Peter Digital Orchestra, he has mostly released on Musique Large,
but slabs of vinyl have also appeared on labels like All City, One Handed Music
and Alpha Pup.

To get an idea of Fulgeance's detailed, shimmering beats sound, tune right into this here mix.


Auditory Ossicles - Bridge - CDR
Bruce Haack - Electric To Me Turn - Stones Throw
Wings - Let Em In (Jimi Bazzooka Edit) - CDR
Ahu - To Love - One Handed Music
Aubin Horses - Acost - CDR
Letherette - Dance Brace - Ho Tep
Fulgeance - Chopped & Screwed - Musique Large
Tita Lima - Esquizofrevo (Fulgeance Luv'n'Hate Remix) - CDR
Kelpe - Stop Parching Yourself (Fulgeance Remix) - CDR
J Dilla - Expensive Whip - Stones Throw
Souleance - Maana - First Word Records
Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez - Superman - Musique Large
Charles Trees - Mahjongg - Musique Large
Erik L, 7even Thirty & Ezekiah - Future Flow (Fulgeance Mix) - Soularp
Fulgeance - Absolute Belta - Musique Large
Fulgeance - London Falling - Alpha Pup
Fulgeance - Glamoure - Musique Large
Mount Kimbie - Mayor - Hot Flush

Thanks to MPM & Step Forward Booking for that*

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