7 nov. 2010

LA MIXETTE vol 48 / FULGEANCE "Gl-Amour-e"

So, ok, we know that we already spammed a lot with this
new Fulgeance's GLAMOURE ep, but this mix is more here
to present Fulgeance's likes in music this last years.
Not just the new shits, but more a panoramic view of what inspired
him from 90's and more...
And of course, to present all the tracks from GLAMOURE ep,
included into that mix.

Enjoy the Gl-Amour-e Mixette
(thanks to MyManHenry fo r this title !)

And thanks for all the GLAMOURE support, blogs, podcast,
review, it means a lot to the LARGE familly* U know how it works!



01.The Roots - A Piece Of Light
02.Eisagwgh - Titloi
03.Tropics - Melorr
04.Fulgeance - Glamoure
05.Trans AM - Infinite Wavelenghts (Dabrye Remix)
06.DMX Krew - Wave Funk
07.The Detroit Experiment - Highest
08.Fulgeance - Vengeance
09.Count Bass D - How Far Is It
10.Jneiro Jarel - Wave Trip
11.Daedelus - Girls (Instrumental)
12.Ahu - To Love (Dimlite Remix)
13.Shigeto - And We Gonna (Samiyam Chopsticks Remix)
14.Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold The Torch (Instrumental)
15.Haz Beats - State 86
16.Alan Hawkshaw - Strangelands
17.Fulgeance - Analove
18.Fulgeance - Chopped & Screwed
19.Fulgeance - Bien Rond feat 215TFK (Kelpe Remix)
20.Fulgeance - Rubiscube (Gablé Remix)
21.Fulgeance - Espresso Freddo
22.Fulgeance - I Luv U (Huess Remix)
23.Glamoure Outro


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  1. yeah! damn ive seen this guy live in cologne, germany...amazing (he had a bloody finger :D) peace