13 déc. 2010

Ad Bourke - Mirage - Citinite

Here is Fulgeance, wassup into that deep cold winter? exceptlucky Miami dawgs & bitches...
I'm here to check if u really are Musique Large & La Mixette followers and lovers?

Who was guest on La Mixette vol36 ?

Of course I'm gonna give you the answer...Ad Bourke, The great & handsome
italian producer from Roma. Full of funk & real boogie (stop calling everything boogie please!),
Ad Bourke
's Mix was really welcome as a first one going another direction, clubby & groovy.
Check it out!

"Mirage" is the first Citinite EP from the Rome-based producer, AD Bourke.
Combining soul chords, hip hop beats and funk phrasing, he invites us on a trip full of
"light and expansion".
In 2008 he released a beat-tape EP on Domu’s Treble O Records.
And Bourke’s music aroused the interest of BBC Radio DJs, Gilles Peterson and Benji B.
He has since perfomed live extensively throughout Italy at clubs and festivals, and was recently
featured in the Italian edition of Rolling Stone magazine.


here is Mirage preview,

AD Bourke’s Mirage EP is now available on:

UK: Bleep (with review); Boomkat (with review); Piccadilly (with review);
Sounds of the Universe; Phonica; Juno; Rough Trade; Chemical; Beatdown; Rhythm Online;

Europe: Clone; Rush Hour; Deejay; Vinyl Distribution; iMusik; HHV;
Japan: Japonica (with review); Dovewax (with review); Jetset; Technique; Newtone.

get "Mirage" soon before a predicted out of stock !

more infos on CITINITE:

And most of all, check out Ad Bourke's Live perfromance
if he's playin near your place! (booking: 3d@dnaconcerti.com)

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