26 janv. 2011

Craig Gallacher / Grampian Mountains

Glasgow based artist's Craig Gallacher aka dj Point To C;
gives a direct punch into that too much recycled "cosmic trip" design,
inspired by Sun Ra and many other jazz fusion cover arts. I used to love
that at the beginning when Serrato, Flylo, Warp and many other
bring it back...but now everybody does it like faded copies....

Gallacher is into that vintage, and sci fi vision of design, but
more near La Bocca (DC Recordings), and never "cliché".
His 60ies/70ies stylish flyers reminds me the jazz' golden ages.
Still using his own style.

Since Glasgow's Parties @ Ivy Bar, Sub Club's "How's Your Party",
Mr Hood or his own mixtapes' record sleeves, I follow this talented
homie carefuly, because he deserves to be upstairs.

Some beautiful creations, from flyers, prints, photos and subtile
cosmic design...check it out*

Craig Gallacher





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