23 févr. 2011

LA MIXETTE vol 57 / CHELIS "Music for Crabs"

Back in Spain, Zaragoza, with Chelis from LO FI Funk,
and Robotdiscos Record Shop. A talented Dj & Record label boss,
crazy as hell joker, but sweet as an angel! Another Skwee Homie connected to
dod pop records, Harmonia & Beats & Faces.

If you are one of those people who likes unconventional electronic music,
you sniff out any piece that falls outside of the parameters established by
radio formulas, if you detested the phenomenon of minimal techno and you
are definitely a musically restless soul, then Chelis could be your father.
This DJ based in Zaragoza, the windiest city in Spain, is one of the
inescapable reference points for understanding the moment brewing on the
breakz & beatz scene in continental Europe, and which below the Pyrenees is
drawing together a large family of lovers of bass, beats of the future, the
hip hop spectrum, and IDM. Chelis is a pioneer; he forms a part of the
first generation of this lineage.

Zaragoza, a city that is especially peculiar as far as music goes, saw
Chelis start out as a DJ at the end of the 90s. Self-taught in technique
and visceral in his selections, this passion for the job led him to enter
into other branches of the musical world. A record businessman with his
shop Robot Discos (which now only exists in digital version); a party
promoter with a list of names behind him that many programmers of big clubs
today would like to have; and a manager of labels, first with the Kontakte
experiment, and now heading up the company Lo Fi Funk. Getting into trouble
like opening a shop dedicated to the physical format, or setting up a
musical label that places its bets on plastic –messes that at times he
has had to abandon– show the same passion for risk that you can see in
his sets, where the premise is “and why shouldn’t this go here?” This
finely-tuned intuition, the confidence of someone who knows himself to be a
good improviser, and a set of balls that he shows in everything that he
does have made him the winner of the recent Spanish eliminatory contest Red
Bull Thr3Style.



1. JOHN WILLIAMS - Theme from Shark - RCA
2. COCO BRYCE - Supercalifragilistic - LOW RIDERS
3. MILES DAVIS - Bess, you is my woman now - CBS
4. TRI FIRE - Danger zone demo - PPU
5. PROFESSOR OJO - Astrotrailer - Cd-r
6. MOTHER NORTH - Butter blues - MYOR
7. SLUGABED - Pooomp - Cd-r
8. DONALD BYRD - Stepping into tomorrow - BLUE NOTE
9. FLYING LOTUS - Computer facepure being - WARP
10. MICHAEL GIBSON - Love is a many splendored thing - POLYDOR
12. GHOST MUTT - Wizard sleeve - LOW RIDERS
14. STEVIE WONDER - Mon cherie amour - TAMLA MOTOWN
15. SLUGABED - Donkystomp (Mwëslee remix) - DONKYPITCH
16. CHRIS CARTER - Electrodub - OPTIMO
17. GIORGIO MORODER - Leopard tree dream - MCA
18. J DILLA - Sycamore - STONES THROW
20. HOVATRON - Gold star radiation - LO FI FUNK


A nice Chelis' interview on Playground.net HERE

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