18 juin 2012

LA MIXETTE vol.73 / JULIUS "Spring's favorites"

Introducing with one of my favorite track of the moment, and thanks to JULIUS from 
LaidBack Radio (Brussels) to make me listen to this fantastic reflip from Tall Balck Guy Productions
But a lot of good feelings are into this perfect "Spring" selecta. Dunno from 
your side, but arriving in summer soon; I'm still waiting for a real spring here in France...
Anyway, a great moment to forgot weather "cliché" and listen to another proper mixette !

Running the Laid Back project for almost 10 years, I have the chance to receive plenty of music.
The tracks featured in this set are some of my favorites from the last few weeks… 

You'll find those and plenty of others in LDBK radio's heavy rotation list.

The Laid Back project (aka LDBK) first came together in 2002 as a weekly radio show broadcasted 

on a local radio station in Brussels. Nowadays our priority is to connect existing communities around 
the world and activate them to engage in different projects. After exploring the FM airwaves for more 
than 8 years, we launched LDBK, an online radio station playing the best in urban music from the last 40 years. 
We also advice artists and organisations on how to develop their online communication and re-think their (digital) activities.


    01    James Brown - I Feel Good (Tall Black Guy Flip Up)
    02    DJ iZem - Quiver feat. Aminah Dastan
    03    Beat Inc. - Black Tea Morning
    04    Blossom - Tiffkas
    05    Dapdown - Aretha In Love
    06    Kinnell - Time Has No Gone
    07    Dominique Larue - Okay feat. Kim Joyce
    08    Jungle By Night - Ethiopino
    09    Kid'n Play - Rollin' with (DJ Lyrik remix)
    10    Le Serveur - One
    11    Robert Glasper Experiment - Move Love feaT. King (MonkeyRobot remix)
    12    David Martin - Schizo
    13    Mr. J Medeiros - Pale Blue Dot feat. Stro Elliot, Giannina Ashe & Shad (20syl Remix)
    14    Souleance - Tranquille


Laid Back logo remixed by the farm Prod collective - 

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