22 mars 2010

LA MIXETTE vol 30 / PETER DIGITAL ORCHESTRA "A Private Hour with The French Dandy"

I think it's not useful to present the man, right?

Just back from supporting HOT CHIP on the Europe Tour,
your LOCAL HERO is ready to rock the house: new tracks &
remixes are coming, forthcoming album on Eklektik Records,
and maybe an EP on a huge and respected UK label... but schhhhh...

I leave you now in a really eclectic "bouncy & lovely" selection,
"One Hour With The French Dandy", Peter Digital Orchestra.


01.James Blake - Air & Lack Thereof
02.Lando Kal - Fuzzy Ankles
03.Mr Oizo - Lars Von Sen (Christma Version)
04.Jackson & His Computer Band - Untitled
05.Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix)
06.Jive Rythm Trax - 112 BPM
07.Prince - In The Future (Grey Matt Edit)
08.The Bloods - Button Up
09.Soultronik - What I Spray (Peter Digital Orchestra Remix)
10.Leonard de Leonard - Be My Lord (Peter Digital meets FulG Remix)
11.Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts#3
12.Siriusmo - Wow
13.Hot City - Hot City Bass
14.Dana und Siriusmo - Ick Hab Wat Bessret Vor!
15.Hot City - If that's how I feel
16.Lone - Sharpest View of The Sun
17.Four Tet - Love Cry
18.Siriusmo - Outro



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  1. un set Peter Digital, excellent, mille merci pour ton blog et pour tout ce que tu fais ! All the best