30 mars 2010

LA MIXETTE vol 31 / DR KWEST "Perds pas ton temps, c'est le printemps!"

Yo EKLEKTIK & LARGE brothers*
Eklektik & Friends #4 was ace! thanks to Grand A, Dada,
Lilea Narrative, Small & Sofa King, YoggyOne, Zo, Peter Digital Orchestra,
and Honeyboxxx + Funk Doubistes !! Once again, Bestown is the place!

So this week, we guest from Bruxelles, Dr Kwest.
He's mysterious character created by Kalonji. Influenced by Sun Ra, Stereolab
and many others, he started sampling in 2006. Two years later, he released
the Black Demo and after his space tape “A Starr Called Quest”.
He also hosts a radio show on Radio Panik in Brussels every monday and he is
a part of laid-back team for his cool interviews.
This year, he will be releasing his 3rd beat-tape 'My Beat, My Life,
My Congo' as to celebrate the 50 years anniversary of Independance of Congo


Devonwho – Adept (Tokimonsta’s monstamix)
Bug – Cosmic Lab
Elan Feat Devonwho – Elevonwho
Subtitle – FYI
Cupp Cave – Zombeat 2
Illum Sphere – Psycho (Samiyam remix)
Pixelord – Cartoon Friend (Ashtre Jinkins Remix)
Dibiase – Cosmo Boppin
P.U.D.G.E. – Pudgnisher
Dynooo – Tranch
Called Understandable Souls – Atomic Waltz
Slugabed – Pressure
Pixelord – Boss Worm
Cupp Cave – Chainsaw Phunkk
P.U.D.G.E. – Illy
Dibiase – Axel Bop
Devowho – Fedoraworm ( Dibiase’s microwave remix)
Flying Lotus – Nose Art
Slugabed – Pressure ( Dynooo Rekutt remix)
Railster - Womanizer (Dr Kwest Broke Up Remix)
Slugabed – Skyfire
DZ – Just Rollin (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
Elan Feat Marzio – Health Master 3000
Sltugga – TimeWarp Dub (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
Pixelord – Cybernator Chocolate ( Cybergirl remix)
Kidkanevil – The Floating World



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