17 mai 2010

LA MIXETTE vol 35 / SEEP "Roller Coast"

This week, it's time for SEEP to rock the LARGE Blog*
Dj & producer born in Los Angeles, living now in Paris,
he's one housemate of the french electro "avant-garde" label called ROLAX

with Kurt Dolto & Komori.

Performing and producing music in Paris for quite a few years now, repping styles
that resist classification... balanced somewhere in space between hip-hop, electro,
funk and dub.
He's been regularly involved with the upstart indie electro label Rolax, Kid Loco,
Dubphonic and is one half of a current chillwave project called Cracks.
The Kold Skool mixtape series has been steadily compiling and twisting progressive
blends in a plethora of directions and tempos. It's like splicing bits of film together,
melding psychedelic science fiction and late night television...

Roller Coast is an abstract skateboard ride down to the beach and back. enjoy!!


intro: Seep / Erykah Badu / Dem Hunger / Del Close & John Brent
YoggyOne - Analog Teaspoons
Ad Bourke - Aiight
Starkey - OK Luv
Flying Lotus - Computer Face
Nocando (feat. Busdriver) - Two Track Mind
Major Lazer - Cashflow (Subskrpt remix)
Oy - Snake (Mexicans with Guns remix)
Rustie - Keesha Resmak
Gouseion - Stunt Lounge
Main Source feat. Nas, Fatal & Akinyele - Live at the BBQ
Fulgeance - I LUV U
Vlooper & Kenlo - Nuage Rouge
Free the Robots - Orion's Belt Buckle
Bass Patrol - Dirty Bird (Acapella)
Skeme - You Already Know
Humanleft - Le Clap Rap
Deceptikon - Kinyoubi
Erykah Badu - the Healer
Paul White - Ultra Violet
Mux Mool - Lady Linda
Georgia & Declaime ft. Kazi - SomeOthaShip Connect Game
Débruit - Persian Funk
The Spinners - It's A Shame (Acapella)
Sharps - Yuck Beats (feat. Mat The Alien)
Encoded - Om Unit
Nosaj Thing - IOIO
Hovatron - Gold Star Radiation
Fulgeance - Hardi
Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye (Acapella)


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