24 mai 2010

LA MIXETTE vol 36 / AD Bourke "Summer Tease"

So sunny here in France and on every blogs & posts I see
mixes & podcasts inspired about sunshine, beach & bitches...
So Musique Large is proud to invite you into that sunny days,
to the "Summer Tease" by AD Bourke on LA MIXETTE vol36.

This producer & dj from Roma, Italia play real live shits on MPC,
and his grooves inspire me a lot this days...hip hop but eighties-tented,
not just trying to loop on boogie funk shits, more influenced and synth-played.

I met him @ MIT(Meet In Town) Festival in Roma, and we had such good
words about what is music, that we don't care to be hip hop or elecrtonic
producers, if we are djaying or producing, we just do what we want, what we love with
our producing-arranging & crazy style.

Sometimes it doesn't take more than a little flourish of echo, that one little wah stab
on the guitar or a neat little squeak from a synth to make a beat stand out - just check
AD's forthcoming EP on Citinite for proof. If you get a whole tape bristling with
moments like these, gracefully dancing through an abundance of ideas while never losing
touch with the groove - then you have something special indeed. Something like the tape
that got the half British, half Italian producer AD Bourke his first release on Domu's Treble-O Records.
If you're left with any doubts, this synth wizard won't hesitate to unleash his magical madness
in a live setting. Your puzzled ears will have you believe you're seeing neon fireworks.

Recommended artist from the Red Bull Music Academy
you can also check his RBMA Session here.

A mix of BIM, BAM & BOOM at the same time, aight ?


FunkinEven (feat.Fatima) - Kleer
Kleeer - Intimate Connection
Dam Funk - Hood Pass Intact
Jocelyne Brown - Somebody Else's Guy
Tiger & Woods - Gin Nation
Ulysses 82 - Don't Speak French
Robbie M &Terry Patton - Breeze Up
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Theo Parrish's Space Cadet Remix)
Space Dimension Controller - The Love Quadrant
AD Bourke - One for Me
Shafiq Hsayn - Dust & Kissis Featuring Noni Limar
B.Bravo - Computa Love
Space Art - L'Obsession d'Archibald


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  1. Folle!! Trop bon de se revenir sur des morceaux comme ça.