7 juin 2010

LA MIXETTE vol 37 / YOSI HORIKAWA "Continent"

If u go to JAPAN, this man is the perfect guide !

One of the Eklektik Records Homie offers this week to
Musique Large Blog an excellent selecta from
all his influences, loves and feelings in music.

Producer from Tokyo / Japan, multi-instrument player,
acoustic designer and crazy "human-hand-mic" sound sampler,
Yosi Horikawa write music as a real composer, picking in Mother
Nature ambiances and pure wood percussions rythms.

"I love the rhythm of black people.
When I was young and not so rich,
I strongly looked for the garbage like a instruments.
I used the steel can instead of the snare drum.
I beat my bed instead of the bass drum.
I made strange instruments with chop sticks & my desk instead
of wood bass. And I used the head phone instead of the mic...ehhehe!"

But Yosi's music is far from just using strange instruments,
it's a good combination between grooves and acoustic samples, far
from simple world music, more inventive and spiritual.

Much respect to one of my best friend*
Aligatou Gozaimasu Mr Horikawa !!
YABAiii ::!!



01. Villagers of Fadiouth Island
- Dance of Elderly Women to Tambour Accompaniment
- Dance of Elderly Women Depicting Scenes from Everyday Life
- Njup: Young Boy's Dance
02. Busy - Atlas Resounding
03. Coldcut Feat. Soweto Kinch - Aid Dealer
04. Bugge Wesseltoft - Change
05. Steve Coleman & Five Elements - Flint
06. Cobblestone Jazz - Lime In Da Coconut
07. Tchilli Rodriguez - Haronem
08. P'Taah - Million Miles
09. Don Cherry - Voice Of The Silence
10. Yosi Horikawa - Passion (different edit)
11. 1000names - Toys Room Combat / Pum
12. Black Moon - Niguz Talk Shit
13. Take - Neon Beams
14. Jack DeJohnette with Lester Bowie - Ntoro
15. Fulgeance - Lonely Night
16. Daisuke Tanabe - Artificial sweetener
17. Twins Seven Seven - Obatala
18. Don Cherry with Ed Blackwell - Makondi
19. Kakraba Lobi with Midori Takada - Eastern African Songs II


Check Yosi's "TOUCH" Ep on Eklektik Records here


2 commentaires:

  1. Great stuff & nice tracks ! I didn't know Bugge Wesseltoft, that's awesome, thank you for the discovery. Congratulations for the whole mixtape dude !

  2. I downloaded this ages ago and never listened to it properly until just now!
    What an amazing mix and it just sweetened my evening. Thanks :)