12 mars 2011


Here is the first official remix contest on Equinox. The track we chose to have remixed,
Eating Concrete”, is the title track of Geste‘s upcoming new EP on Equinox Records
(dropping on March 25th) which you can check out here:

We thought we would give everyone the opportunity to remix this powerful
song and give upcoming (and also established?) producers the chance and win
a release on Equinox Records or Equinox.Digital as well as some other goodies.
The layers should work for many different styles: Electro, Electronica, Dubstep,
Glitch-Hop, whatever you feel like…

Taking part in this remix contest is really easy – just download the files below
and then send in your remix within the given time frame!
Listen to the original track right here:

Download a rar file containing different layers as wave files, plus the
original track as mp3 right here:

The original song and all layers are 129 bpm

Rules to enter the contest:
- Deadline is Mai 6th, 2011
- Send your remix as higher res mp3 to contest @ e-q-x.net as e-mail attachment.
Please let us know your artist name, real name and where you are from.
- Please do not post your remix anywhere online until the contest is over! If you do,
you will be eliminated from the contest!
- Winner will be chosen by Geste and Equinox Records and will be announced a few days
after the end of the contest.

We will already select our favourite remixes and will post them at
soundcloud.com/equinoxrecords to let the public weigh in with their opinion.

- Best remixes will be released on a forthcoming digital
(or maybe physical) release on Equinox Records or our sublabel Equinox.Digital
- A signed vinyl copy of Geste’s new EP
- 1 more vinyl release from the Equinox back catalogue at free choice
- shares from the digital download sales

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