7 mars 2011

LA MIXETTE vol 58 / JESSE FUTERMAN "Strata Beast"

This dude Jesse Futerman really impressed me first with a cool
re edit of "Strangefruits", something classic & classy, something
many people could do without this style, clever & respectfull.
And now Gilles P already ask him exclusive re edits, its going really fast!
Check some really cool re edit video here, and his track on
compilation here.

His Mixette bring us to a "short"soulful jazz selection, but who said we have
to play many tracks to share what we love in music?
Enjoy, and keep an eye on this dude !

Jesse wants to give a big shout out to Amenta, Bnjmn and Moonstarr,
and my friend Vince Malik for the photo.



  1. Build an Ark- You Yourself Are the Key to the Universe
  2. Charles Sullivan- Good-bye sweet John
  3. Alister Johnson featuring Sacha Williamson-Invitation
  4. Amenta- Touchy
  5. Dj Catalist (Alister Johnson)- Baltimore
  6. Jesse Futerman- funds
  7. Kira neris- Chance and WIlls


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