20 nov. 2011


French rap activist from projects like Connecticut with Fulgeance & Blockbass,
or inventive trio called Triton, Don Da None is a MC who push up lyrics to a more
"poetic" dimension, a real writen-meaning , spelling a rhyme like a movie.
Smoking ambiances on "Les Démons sont éternels", love mood on "Mélancolie" or
seducing-shinny-darkness on "Nébuleuses"... The music around this lyrics (ok, you must
learn french now...!!) is clear, brilliantly sample-based from soul, classy jazz rarities, like if
André Pop
would meet Baudelaire for a automnal haschich evening.

Da None knows how to combine interesting-written lyrics to a never boring electronic music,
that's exactly what need french rap today. Now just get back to you french lessons!


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