20 nov. 2011

LA MIXETTE vol. 69 / QOSMONAUT "Bisou Du Diable"

French-Berliner producer & dj, Qosmonaut is from La "Ville Rose" aka Toulouse, France.
Past few years working with labels like BPitch or !K7, he prepares now his first EP.
As a Toulouse' s Radio Campus dj for "Le Verre De Terre" radioshow, he's also behind
a project called "microqlima" pointing on refreshing the electronic scene in this beautiful
city of Toulouse, also with "La Régulière", monthly parties in the same city.
Members and activist from Le Cabanon, Cracki Records & les Siestes Electroniques,
he's that kind of interactive dude who push things forward.
Enjoy brilliant Emile Sacré's design around this project too.

Here is the cool mix from outa-space he did for us, La Mixette, with a "rose" attitude.
Musique Large invites you to meet Toulouse, u gonna like it.



1. Newcleus - Jam On It (Martin Brodin Remix) [MB Disco]
2. Ilija Rudman - Victory 2010 [Bear Funk]
3. 16 Bit - Mac's Flight [Luma]
4. Herva - Again [Bosconi]
5. Clams Casino - She's Hot [Type]
6. Move D - Untitled 3 [Workshop]
7. Swarms - T-1000 [Lo Dubs]
8. Fat-Khan (Miso & Truento) - Electric Slide [Miso Shiru]
9. Stimming & David August - Sexy Biest (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
10. Cesaria Evora - Angola (Bateau Ivre Rework By Pepe Bradock) [BBE]
11. 6th Borough Project - Part Five - Stratus Quo [Instruments Of Rapture]
12. 1000names - How to Groove [Personal]
13. Jay Haze - Love In Strange Places [Finale Sessions]
14. BNJMN - Ocean Spray [Rush Hour]
15. Nu - Fool (feat. Jo Ke) [White]
16. Pierre Henry - Teen Tonic (Messe Pour Le Temps Present)[Philips]


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